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View and listen to simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting samples from online and in-person events.

Sandro Sartor Consecutive Interpreting in Guadalajara Jalisco, México

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:09:22

Interpretación - Flavio Volpe - Foro Movilidad Sostenible y Nuevas Vocaciones Hacia el 2030

Valeria Lara / 00:03:26

International Panel Discussion Implications of the USMCA

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:04:20

Interpretación Reproductive Rights, Abortion, and Digital Networks of Care in Latin America

Valeria Lara / 00:03:59

Singularity University Summit Mexico Liaison interpreter for Governor Aristóteles Sandoval

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:01:24

16th México Cumbre de Negocios Business Summit 2018 Guadalajara, Jalisco

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:00:25

Simultaneous interpreting at Lenguas 2017 Interpreting and Translation Conference CDMX

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:35:03

Dr Dennis DiPietre Análisis Económico, Financiero y Coyuntural de la Porcicultura

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:04:21

Dr Dennis DiPietre Análisis Económico, Financiero y Coyuntural de la Porcicultura

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:09:59

Interpreting example Plenary Session Jalisco Open Platform for Innovation

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:06:11

MEXICO #COVID19 UPDATE May 12th, 2020 Part Interpreting in English

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:05:17

MEXICO #COVID19 UPDATE May 12th, 2020 Part 2 Question and Answer period

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:04:17

Consecutive interpreting: Interview with Lol Tolhurst, December 2019

Jesse Tomlinson / 00:26:30


Working with Jesse has been wonderful, she always goes above and beyond and exceeds our expectations...more

- Claudia Del Pozo, Director of the Eon Resilience Lab, C Minds

Having traveled around the world in formal institutional settings in several languages, I was awed by witnessing the agile translation capabilities of Jesse Tomlinson during a conference in Guadalajara. She readily translated for both...more

- Bill Boerum - Chairman Emeritus - Sister Cities International

I came to Guadalajara for just a few days and needed an interpreter at very short notice. Jesse was responsive, flexible, and her interpreting skills are second-to-none. I undertake research in developing countries around the world, and...more

- Blair Cameron, Senior Research Specialist, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Discovering a literary translator like Jesse Tomlinson has been a joy. Jesse strives to understand the spirit of the text and finds the best way to translate it, paying attention to details such as context and the selection of words and...more

- Patricia Carrillo Collard, escritora


Inter-American Development Bank
Servicio Nacional de Sanidad
Bardo Comunicación
University of Guadalajara
Black Coffee Gallery
Secretary of Culture of the city of Tlaquepaque
CONAFOR, Mexico's National Forestry Commission
Tec de Monterrey (ITESM)