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Once a mirrey … It wasn’t his intention to commit suicide: he just wanted to be seen and admired. “I'm going to throw myself over. Take a video with your cell phone.” No one around him could appreciate that this was a ghastly prediction. Jorge Alberto López Amores had been drinking mezcal for days and threatening to throw himself overboard. He was euphoric.

Auteur : Ricardo Raphael

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At the beginning of the 1980s, Town & Country, then queen of the society magazines in Mexico City, graced its pages with professor Carlos Hank González, their favorite personality. His reputation was that of a very successful man, a King Midas in both business and politics, who was tall, light-skinned, attractive, and had impeccable manners. In the captions under some of his published photographs appear phrases such as, 'Titan of the steel and trucking industries' and 'no one deserves to be so charming'.

Auteur : Ricardo Raphael

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Découvrir un traducteur littéraire comme Jesse Tomlinson a été un plaisir. Jesse s'efforce de comprendre l'esprit du texte et trouve le meilleur moyen de le traduire, en prenant en compte des détails tels que le contexte et la sélection de...Plus

- Patricia Carrillo Collard, escritora


Inter-American Development Bank
Servicio Nacional de Sanidad
Bardo Comunicación
University of Guadalajara
Black Coffee Gallery
Secretary of Culture of the city of Tlaquepaque
CONAFOR, Mexico's National Forestry Commission
Tec de Monterrey (ITESM)