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Infancia Interruptus

Cover for Infancia Interruptus

THE ARTISTIC DISCOURSES of Agustín Castro and Agustín Portillo stem from two singular expressionist visions. Indeed, a large part of the art produced in Mexico since the post-Revolutionary era and up to recent post-modernism has maintained a clear affiliation to distinct methods of historical expressionism and international neo expressionism. Both Castro and Portillo are painters who have concentrated the energy in their art on displaying the alarmist sides of realities that interest them. Molochism is the analytical term – applied to the field of art and among other cases, to nineteenth-century Romanticism – that is used to depict images with eschatological, politically incorrect, extreme, sardonic and cathartic subject matter. In the art that Castro and Portillo painted together for the series Childhood Interrupted, a Molochist spirit prevails (and it is symbolic that in antiquity children were sacrificed to the Semitic god of purification, Moloch). The discourse of their paintings allegorically condemns the horror of abuse committed that is detrimental to minors.

Auteur : Agustín Castro and Agustín Portillo

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- Patricia Carrillo Collard, escritora


Inter-American Development Bank
Servicio Nacional de Sanidad
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University of Guadalajara
Black Coffee Gallery
Secretary of Culture of the city of Tlaquepaque
CONAFOR, Mexico's National Forestry Commission
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